Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cervical Erosion Discharge Pictures Any Girls Out There Suffer From Cervical Erosion?

Any girls out there suffer from cervical erosion? - cervical erosion discharge pictures

I was told that I must be seen great erosion Clock, someone out there can clarify some light on what the surgery like? thank you xx


Dr Frank said...

A cervical erosion by a soft, columns within the cervix, more and more down and replacing one of the most difficult area, which includes squamous usually that the outer surface of the cervix into the vagina. He is fragile and the production of mucus, the epithelium is much more easily damaged and the damaged area and the mucosa produces mucus free constant, which may be bloody. also chronically infected and low-grade, which is affected to a low degree of cervicitis.

Rhianna in response to the administration, one or other type of etching is excellent, but, although some doctors are happy to run this procedure during the operation, carried out most refer to a gynecologist for an operational program, which, in secondary care.

Rhianna said...

Hello, I have not personally, but I think the recommended treatment cauterization. Ectropion (erosion of the cervix) is not really dangerous, but can be painful and cause problems. Only In simple terms, it means that the endometrium is indicated on the surface of the cervix.

They include cryotherapy and laser surgery, but usually a solution of silver nitrate is used for erosion or electrocautery seal is where the erosion is sealed with a hot wire. In general, this can be done by your GP surgery.

I say this, Dr. Frank, but I'm pretty sure that this treatment.

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